What is it like to build your own empire with bare hands and heart?

What is it like to build your own empire with bare hands and heart?
Joewin Tan, the founder of Huone Events Hotel Singapore and Linear Dots Production, tells us 3 tips how she started Huone Events Hotel Singapore  


Picture credit: CEI Asia


1. Help others when you can! It only brings you positive things.

Helping others does not only represent your merit and reliability. For Joewin, doing favors for those who need her help brings fulfillment and joy to her soul; besides, it brings her such a great opportunity to found a future-forward business of Huone Events Hotel Singapore.  

Helping to serve her client’s guest from Finland two years ago, Joewin was offered a JV partnership with Huone International to found the events hotel in Singapore. The guest, who came looking for Huone’s market opportunities in the heart of Southeast Asia, was convinced that Joewin was the right person to make Huone Events Hotel Singapore come true. And Joewin has certainly proven it!


2. Have faith, build your courage and gain confidence

With Huone’s huge initial investment for its venue construction, Joewin and her team of 7 started running the business with zero working capital on hand. It surely was risky, but with her faithful leadership and mental stamina, Joewin, together with her team, managed to succeed in their first launch and gain market and reputation very quickly. The secret to her confidence lies in the positive results in market testing; trying out with both individuals and corporates, Joewin discovered that her niche market are corporate clients. She makes sure that her target market recognizes Huone Events Hotel Singapore as the place where they can achieve “maximum returns on meetings” with all the inspiring facilities and home-cooked brain food designed by Huone’s Head Chef.



3. Utilize digital marketing tools where appropriate

To spread Huone’s fame while keeping the marketing budget under control, Joewin utilizes digital marketing channels. “Almost every corner of Huone’s space is Instagramable.”  Whereas, Facebook is her tool to build engagement and relationship with her customer base.


Even with her full-time job at Huone Events Hotel Singapore and Linear Dots Production, Joewin still commits herself to help others while she can. “I keep helping people when I can. As you could see, I did a favor for my client by taking care of their guest, but it turned out that I received such a big favor in return!”


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